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Unity in Diversity

Education, Civic Engagement, Civil Discourse

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Why UD?

Distinguishing yourself from your peers, through civic+political involvement rather than just reposting on social media 
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Unity In Diversity

Mission Statement and Background

The term unity in diversity does not JUST acclaim, accommodate, and serve as a platform to address racial prejudice, divisions, or conflicts. It encompasses disunity all the way from personal conflicts and varying beliefs to enmity that contaminates the members of an organization. Unity in Diversity is for helping everyone come together with everything they’ve got, opening up communication, and expressing thoughts while implementing ideas that address UD’s goals.

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How UD formed

Unity in Diversity. The notion of standing together regardless of what we believe in and where we come from is something I value a lot. It's what I want to see in our community. It's what I want to see throughout the world. And it's not just a phrase, it's a movement.

It all started with my experiences at school. It all came together by observing what goes on around us every day- what exactly our society is consisted of. The weight any type of discrimination holds is unbearable and you keep asking yourself why you're so different. Let's put race aside. 

that feeling of alienation being enforced upon you makes you feel helpless like you're not worthy of talking to others because they're better than you. It's that dude that stopped talking to you because of where you came from. It's that group of people that bring you down because of previously established enmity. It's everyone that doesn't want to see you succeed. 

Unity in Diversity doesn't just account for various cultures, races, and traditions. It accounts for factors that limit communication between one group and the next. Unity in Diversity stands for how we have to interact in order to progress as an organization working to address and positively impact problems starting in the community. By coming together as a whole, we can progress so much further by understanding where everyone comes from. We can then truly make a difference in the world.

-Akhil Turaga, President/Co-Founder of Unity in Diversity

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